THB Coaching is power based. Our coaches use TrainingPeaks software to monitor and review:

  • training and racing data,
  • threshold powerCP and W' (Critical power and Anaerobic Energy)
  • short interval power,
  • intensity of your efforts
  • accumulated fatigue levels
  • training and racing performance

Programs are delivered from the coach to athlete through the Training Peaks. Both browser-based and phone app are available and training plans available at all times. Not only that, the anticipated training load is incorporated into the future training calendar.  Using the predicted 6 week, 1 week and training balance curves, we are able to better manage a training program so that you peak for your main races.  Use of the predictive 6 week training load allows us to precisely manage additional training volume so as to induce a training effect without overtaxing the athlete.  We strive not to go on feel alone but incorporate analysis of the athletes actual physiological response in managing training load and rest.

A power measurement device is required - Stages, Quarq cranks, SRM, Powertap, etc. We can offer short term hire of a Powertap training wheel to get you started if necessary (subject to availability)


What we can offer you:

  • Personalised training program catering to your preferences and commitments
  • Specialist scientific analysis of training and racing power data to provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses, potential efficiency improvements and threshold power
  • Advice on racing and tactics
  • Regular opportunities to train directly with the coaches and other program athletes
  • Improvements to your bike skills (cornering, group riding, descending, sprinting, etc)
  • General Nutritional advice
  • Professional road bike setup for maximum performance
  • Professional time trial bike setup for maximum aerodynamics


 How to get started

Contact us and tell us that you’re interested in being coached. We will incorporate your proposed race schedule, work, family or study commitments and any racing, group rides, other rides with friends as much as possible.
Options for coaching programs You can choose the level of coaching that suits your individual needs.

  • Fully remote program including power analysis and feedback You will receive a personalised training program based on your training and racing goals.  As training data is gathered via your power meter it will be analysed and feedback provided. We also regularly review training load to ensure fatigue is within realistic limits. Everybody reacts differently to training and this is incorporated into your training plan once your adaptations are determined.
  • Individual program incorporating group sessions.  Melbourne based cyclists benefit greatly from the joint sessions we run several times a week.  The motivation that comes from training regularly with a group of similarly focussed athletes is of great benefit.  We usually finish a session at a local cafe, carefully selected for its quality of coffee.
  • Individual program plus one-on-one coaching In addition to an individualised program, we  also offer one-on-one sessions with our team.  This may be on the road or track as required.



We have a competitive tiered pricing structure.  Please contact us for program prices.


The training philosophy of The Hurt Box is to exercise mostly in Zones 1 to 3 - active recovery, endurance zones & tempo - & specific attention paid to the quality of efforts done in zones 4 and above - threshold & Vo2 max. 
Longer rides expose you to more endurance training which then enables you to effectively execute more quality zone 5-7 efforts and to be able to repeat those efforts. If too much time is spent in zones 5-7 without sufficient base/endurance you will not realise the maximum benefit from them.
For example, an endurance ride of 3 hours is ridden mostly in zone 2. This is the pace at which you could ride all day. Once sufficiently conditioned you can gradually build up the amount of volume of high intensity efforts (zones 5-7) within this ride. These might be hill efforts or big gear efforts within the ride.
Many inexperienced cyclists train a lot at threshold (eg race simulation bunch rides, North Rd ride, etc) rather than at the lower & easier endurance zone. Then they are too fatigued to do quality training in zones 5-7 & Vo2Max. These rides will condition the body to an extent but they will not optimise your training outcome. Except for a very few gifted athletes, this type of training does not lead to peak performance in a race scenario.
More detailed information on this can be found in the book Training and Racing with a Power Meter, Hunter Allen & Andrew Coggin. We have a number of copies here and are happy to lend them to our athletes.